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"When I looked in the mirror the next morning I was impressed by the improvement.  Brighter...smoother... clearer!!!

I know I have a long way to go.  However, I've seen and felt more progress in the last 7-8 weeks than with all the past pills and medicated ointments."

-Kathy F, BC

"Just wanted to let you know I am really loving the dermaviduals routine!! As far as I can tell I like it better than environ. It is much more nourishing for my skin. It is much more moisturised and plump. Also much more soothing.

So far, my skin is loving it and looking better. Love the eye serum an just wondering how much I should be using of it. I just put a bit around my whole eye area and gently pat it until it's absorbed. Talk to you soon."

Marcy, BC

"I'm not sure what witchcraft you have put in that little bottle, but my newly acquired acne has disapeared, as well as all my enlarged pores."

Brad, Prince Albert, SK

"I am loving the vitamin cream – what a super treat! Thanks so much for that very kind little pick-me-up."

Dianna, Victoria, BC

"Just wanted to let readers know that a face regime of needling and the clinic's skin care line has changed my skin from average to much younger texture and appearance and I am in my mid fifties. I am continually getting compliments on my skins appearance which always gives one a lift for the day. So happy to have a highly sought after clinic in Penticton. I have people from Calgary and Camrose Alberta coming here because of my success and they have achieved similar results. Keep it up Penticton Skin and Laser couldn't imagine not having you."

Karen, Penticton, BC

"This Lip Balm is incredible; it really works. Like many other seniors my skin, including my lips, is very dry. I've read ads and tried expensive products that claim to hydrate by drawing moisture from the air but I seem to have to reapply these products far too frequently with scant improvement. Feeling quite desperate I asked my dermatologist for help for my dry lips. Warning me DERMAVIDUALS is expensive he produced what I now appreciate is truly a very special product. In fact, I have just returned to buy a second tube to carry in my purse because DERMAVIDUALS Lip Balm has solved the problem of my dry, sore lips."

Diane, BC

"Thank you for your information with the Oleogel. It has worked well smoothing out the rough area in the corner of my eye due to using Restasis for my dry eyes."

Teri V., Penticton, BC


"We chose dermaviduals® because it is good for the skin - no harmful ingredients. The advanced delivery system, ensures optimum penetration of actives, and gives us the ability to individualize skin care that can be tailor-made to a patient's skin needs…… We are impressed with the support and education that is part of the backup service. We receive frequent in-house training, our orders are readily filled. We find the supplier (Rene) very accommodating to our specific needs."

DermaNuva Skin & Health, AB

"Super excited to be a part of it. I really love how solid I feel as a professional being a part of anything having to do with Dermal Systems and Dermaviduals."

TL, Denver, CO

"You are a delightful source of goody information!"

Donna K, Las Vegas, NV