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Personalized Skin Therapy

Every individual person has one of the three basic skin types; Dry, Oily and Diffused Redness.  Anything falling outside of one of these categories is considered a “skin condition”. Your personal data concerning your unique skin type is collected by dermaviduals® professionals and analyzed to select the appropriate active therapeutic concentrates which are then combined with a registered and patent-pending DMS base cream.

What is DMS?

DMS, or Derma Membrane Structure is a treatment with a primary goal to maintain the skin’s natural barrier by keeping its outermost layer intact.  dermaviduals’®  DMS products go hand in hand with the principles of corneotherapy, as our formulations mimic the  membrane structure of your natural skin barrier, thus enforcing its framework and strengthening your skin.

By using DMS base creams and/or a base gel, therapists and practitioners are able to individually blend creams, masks, packs and lotions with active concentrates such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin A, amongst many others, to treat and correct particular skin conditions.

Setting us apart from the other labs, dermaviduals® has succeeded in creating a superior product without the addition of harmful ingredients.

You will NEVER find any of these substances in our products:

Parabens or Preservatives

These additives may not be tolerated and can often cause skin irritations. Parabens mimic estrogen in your body and have been detected in breast tumors.


Perfumes should be avoided in creams that are absorbed into the skin. They are the number one cause of skin irritation.  Recently, many workplaces and public facilities have also banned scented products such as perfumes and creams due to the allergies and irritation of other people in the area.


The concept of corneotherapy is to protect the outermost layer of skin cells, the stratum corneum, which serves as a protective shield.  The stratum corneum consists of tightly-packed dead skin cells that keep unwanted irritants and antigens out, while retaining the moisture inside.  Aging and environmental factors can weaken this vital barrier, allowing viruses and bacteria to penetrate the skin and water to escape, leaving your skin dry, dull and lifeless.


Mineral Oils

Mineral oil, which was once used as a mechanical lubricant before synthetic oil was invented, is derived from petroleum and can be contaminated with cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Acne can be aggravated and worsen as the oil clogs and suffocates the pores.


Emulsifiers, used to keep the oils from separating in creams, can actually disrupt the skin barrier and remove your own natural oil layer off of your skin and are potentially irritating.


Amines are used in the production of powder and liquid detergents, personal care products, automobile waxes and furniture polishes. Amines can cause allergic reactions and dryness of the skin.  Toxic if absorbed into the skin over long periods of time and can even interfere with fetal brain development.


Often combined with emulsifiers to make the skin feel smooth, these compounds coat the skin and act like a plastic wrap, trapping anything beneath it and stopping the skin from being able to breathe. Prolonged use may cause breakouts and irritation.