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Treatment Methods

While many treatment modalities are available to your qualified skincare provider, the following is an example used in both clinic and at-home treatments.  Your qualified skincare provider will discuss the most appropriate treatment methods available to you at your appointment.

Dermal Needling

Dermal needling is a method of stimulating the skin to produce “good collagen” as opposed to the “bad” shock or wound collagen.  It can be divided up into two categories depending on the depth of treatment.  Cosmetic needling is confined to the very top layer (epidermis) while medical needling involves the deeper dermis layer.  Normally, without stimulation, the skin will absorb about 7% of the emulsion.  By creating tiny channels through the skin using several hundred very fine needles, absorption increases by another 80%.  Therefore, one of the ways collagen is increased is by providing vital cell nutrients in abundance.  

The second way needling rejuvenates the skin is through release of growth factors.  These are the messengers that allow cells to talk to each other, enabling them to all work together for good.  It is not only the fibroblasts (tissue cells that synthesizes collagen) that play a role in anti-aging, but more importantly, the keratinocytes found in the top layer of skin, which awaken your own collagen and elastin without the use of invasive techniques. This cellular regeneration results in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen as well as the strengthening of the capillaries.

Some of the benefits of this entirely natural process are:

- helps tighten and restore elasticity
- softens fine lines
- thickens 
- reduces the appearance of scarring
- helps reduce pigmentation marks
- short down time
- cost effective

- can be used on thin skin
- no permanent damage 
- can be safely repeated for better results
- can be used on laser resurfaced skin
- no sun sensitivity is induced
- can be used on all areas

Dermal needling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. It creates dermal punctures without the removal of the healthy epidermis, unlike other resurfacing techniques. Because the epidermis is left intact, the healing period is accelerated, and the skin does not risk permanent structural damage, sun sensitivity, skin color loss or hyper-pigmentation.

Other treatment methods that are complimented by dermaviduals® products are:

•    LED
•    Laser Treatments/IPL

•    Iontophoresis
•    Sonophoresis