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Coping with acne can cause social, psychological and emotional ramifications at any age.  Effective treatments result in an improved quality of life and self-esteem.

Acne can be caused by:

•    Genetics
•    Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency (EFAD)
•    Hormonal imbalance
•    Inappropriate skin care & cosmetics
•    Lifestyle choices
•    Environmental stress (work, school, relationships)

How does one counter these effects?

•    Restore balance & ratios of natural oils.
•    Restore the acid mantle (pH).
•    Restore moisture (patients with dry skin).
•    Withhold moisture (patients with oily skin).
•    Provide essential active ingredients
    -to support cell function and regeneration.
•    Repair scar tissue.
•    Use EFA’s:
    -for sebum-liquefying ingredients.
    -for sebum suppression.
    -for impeding keratosis.
    -as active ingredients with anti-microbial qualities.
    -as an anti-inflammatory.

Benefits of dermaviduals® use:

•    Calms and soothes
•    Evens skin tone
•    Minimizes appearance of pores
•    Smooths the skin
•    Reduces appearance of scarring

Products for Daily Skincare:

•    Cleansing Gel
•    Suusmoon Lotion N/P
•    PlutioDerm Plus
•    Custom-Blended Base Cream

Products for Weekly Skincare:

•    DMS Mask with Vitamins
•    DMS Peeling Cream

Active Agents to Consider for this Condition:

•     Linseed Oil / Echinacea
•     Liposome Concentrate Plus
•     Liposome NMF Concentrate
•     Boswellia
•     Phytohormones

Clinical Treatments:

•    Enzyme Peel
•    Terra Sana Facial