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Menopausal Skin



Menopausal Skin is a sign of a loss of estrogen and other hormones which results in dry skin, pigment problems, and loss of collagen

How does one counter these effects?

•    Add phytohormone liposomes to balance estrogen deficiencies.
•    Use essential fatty acid components to rebuild deficient oil layers.
•    Provide essential active ingredients to support collagen and elastin formation.

Benefits of dermaviduals® use:

•    Moisturizes
•    Smooths and nourishes
•    Evens skin tone
•    Reduces appearance of adult acne
•    Minimizes appearance of pores

Products for Daily Skincare:

•    DMS Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Gel
•    Face Tonic or Face Lotion M
•    Custom-Blended Base Cream

Products for Weekly Skincare:

•    DMS Vitamin Mask
•    DMS Peeling Cream

Active Agents to Consider for this Condition:

•    Phytohormone
•    Linseed Oil
•    Vitamin C
•    Boswellia
•    Liposome Concentrate Plus
•    Evening Primrose Oil

Clinical Treatments:

•    Terra Sana Facial
•    Alga Base Facial
•    Base Modelage Facial
•    Enzyme Peel