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About Us

Dermal Systems Inc. offers a skin care solution designed to meet the needs of both our partner clinics and their clients. Having worked in a clinic for many years, founder René Serbon relentlessly searched for a skincare line that was unique, scientifically sound, and delivered positive results to her clients. She set out to source the most outstanding products and tools that allowed her to conduct an advanced skin analysis to determine cosmetic skin conditions and confidently provide an effective treatment solution for her clients.

At Dermal Systems, our vision is to source outstanding products and diagnostic equipment while simultaneously providing the training and education needed to enable our partner clinics to successfully grow their business by delivering genuine and sustainable results for their clients.


Because every individual is unique and had different skincare needs


Bespoke Skincare

dermaviduals® creates unique, custom formulations, combining proprietary ingredients into one personalized mixture to accommodate each client and their distinct skin considerations.

Rather than having an entire line of creams for every target area of your skin, dermaviduals® provides you with custom-blended formulations, adding different concentrates to your custom blend, depending on your differentiated concerns.

Because better results mean more referrals, return clients and accelerated business growth.

René Serbon

For Skincare Professionals

René Serbon, Beauty Therapist, Electrologist, Pastiche Recognized Educator, Industry Educator, Public Speaker, and Unquenchable Skin Enthusiast.


"I'm not sure what witchcraft you have put in that little bottle, but my newly acquired acne has disapeared, as well as all my enlarged pores."

Brad, Prince Albert, SK

"I am loving the vitamin cream – what a super treat! Thanks so much for that very kind little pick-me-up."

Dianna, Victoria, BC

"Super excited to be a part of it. I really love how solid I feel as a professional being a part of anything having to do with Dermal Systems and Dermaviduals."

TL, Denver, CO

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